Will we ever get a proper summer?

While the weather is nice at the moment, for the last day of June, it is not what I would call a properly summer when we can really enjoy the benefits and even the pitfalls of the sun like in so many other countries. If this is global warming than the UK is getting a … Continue reading Will we ever get a proper summer?

The accessibility of making claims

There is a group of disabled 'activists' would will complain about anything to do with the welfare reforms and the latest thing they have picked upon is the accessibility of the claim process of applying for Personal Independence Payments, the replacement to Disability Living Allowance. The new process starts with a short telephone call, where … Continue reading The accessibility of making claims

Why is there no disabled Big Brother housemate?

As people may know I wrote the title of my blogs a few weeks in advance so I have time to think. I am know aware that in this year's Big Brother, which I am watching after a few years break, that is a housemate, Sam, who is hard of hearing, although he is not … Continue reading Why is there no disabled Big Brother housemate?

Is the social model optional?

In recent discussions with a fellow disability activists who is advocating the rights of 'sick' people as being very difference to disabled people, she suggested that the social model does not need to apply to everyone and that as a foundation of policy, it was in some way optional. This is a part of a … Continue reading Is the social model optional?

Ten disabled people in a bed

Remember the nursery rhythm "Ten in a bed and the little one said"? Well at the moment I am seeing this as an metaphor for how people with minor impairments and on the boundaries of fitness are the 'little one' while the first to be pushed out are people with severe and significant impairments, more … Continue reading Ten disabled people in a bed

The social model values my existence

The social model has been the cornerstone of the liberation of disabled people for almost 50 years and I believe has been so important to valuing myself as a contributing member of society. While it is not perfect as it ignores the cultural elements of impairment, it is as relevant to modern day society as … Continue reading The social model values my existence

The sick are not special

In the last three years, born out of the welfare reform, has been a minority movement building to redefine long term 'sickness' as a special kind of impairment that does not fill into the rights and responsibility of the social model, but wish instead to call for new social policy based on a tragedy model … Continue reading The sick are not special

UK is envy of the World for disabled people

No where is perfect but I am held the view, based on my observations that the UK is the best place for disabled people to live. Even if we believe the worst case scenario of what the current government is doing, this country is miles more advance than any other country in terms of the … Continue reading UK is envy of the World for disabled people