ILF Special: For goodness sake, move on

As some readers may know, there was a court case taken against the government by the disability elite, backed by the lies and socialist propaganda of the 'Disabled People against Cuts' terror group, to try to stop the closure of the Independent Living Fund by wasting public money whinging about the smallest details of his … Continue reading ILF Special: For goodness sake, move on

When did everyone become carers?

It seems disabled people, and indeed anyone who is at all unwell, no longer have parents, spouses, children or even friends but just carers. If you watch programmes like Casualty they now ask every patient who they primary carer is. While family and friends can be wrong and have they own motives, carers are perceived … Continue reading When did everyone become carers?

The dangers of claiming "hate speech"

It seems to have been fashionable for disability activists and charities to regard anything they do not agree with as hate speech, a term designed to provide unchallenged sympathy from the debate. They use a few isolated history articles to strifal free speech and debate on disability issues because of a free that if the … Continue reading The dangers of claiming "hate speech"

Why does society accept what disabled people say?

No one would regard the views of any old woman, gay person or black person as the views of everyone like one, nor take what they say at face value without thinking on what have said, contextualising it and coming up with a personal conclusion on their remarks. But when it cakes to disabled people, … Continue reading Why does society accept what disabled people say?

The outcomes of DLA?

Despite how it may sometimes appear, I do totality believe that everyone with any kind of impairment should receive the support they need to fulfil their outcomes as contributing members of society although I fundamentally do not believe either DLA or PIP is the way forward in achieving this. As you may understand from reading many … Continue reading The outcomes of DLA?

The darker side of the paralympics

While last year's paralympics games were hailed us a symbol of disability utopia by the disability elite, when they were not complaining about the smallest of problems, I believe they hijacked the publicity of the games for political gain when they had no interest in sport before the games and since them. The reality of … Continue reading The darker side of the paralympics

Let’s not cause panic

It would be hoped that disabled people and others who front national campaigns for any reason, especially those campaigning about the welfare reforms, would be fully aware of the facts, even if the facts are not as they wish them to be. I feel campaigners would know more than the average people and would not … Continue reading Let’s not cause panic