Could I try wrestling again?

About 10 years ago I tried olympic style wrestling and even competed in non-disabled competitions. While I was not the best, I tried and I enjoyed it, it was also good to just try something because I could and it was great being a part of a non disabled event. I still have my wrestling leotards … Continue reading Could I try wrestling again?

Well, the taxpayers pays for everything, don’t they?!

This was the remark made by a fellow ILF users and so-called activists when I challenged her to why she supported the high court case, as a waste of money, and I think it is a remark which really sums up the arrogance that now exists within the so-called movement. We have a generation of … Continue reading Well, the taxpayers pays for everything, don’t they?!

Liberation politics is the new oppression

Since I went to university I have been involved in liberation politics in one way or another. I see liberation politics as the politics of empowering 'minority groups' to achieve equality regardless of gender, race, ability, sexuality and so on. I have always believed in liberation politics as fundamental to my own values but I … Continue reading Liberation politics is the new oppression

Aspirational oppression

I have noticed over the last few years that charities like to use a clearer trick to disempower disabled person and especially their own service users which I call aspirational oppression. The trick is to design, with their users, a list of top levels 'aspirational' goals for everyone to get excited about, like the right … Continue reading Aspirational oppression

Saving ILF may cause more cuts

There is a gaggle of middle class and mostly female ILF users portraying themselves as one minute disability activists, backed by a secretive, hostile and dangerous socialist movement, who are doing anything they can to save ILF, like it was a prisoner of death row, or an animal needing saving. Their logical is flawed and … Continue reading Saving ILF may cause more cuts

Time for payback

As I suggest in my blog yesterday, accessibility has been steadily improving for disabled people for the last 40 years, as well as having more rights an improved attitudes. It is now time for disabled people to begin 'returning the favour' and start paying back to society by taking the opportunities provided to them and … Continue reading Time for payback

The investment in an accessible environment

Since the part M building regulations in 1970, buildings have needed to be physically accessible, especially after the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act. You can therefore argue that over the last 40 years that accessibility have been a key component of the investment made by all sectors and this can not be ignored. In terms of physical … Continue reading The investment in an accessible environment

Helping people with their baggage

One element of 'social care' which is increasing but is still very much ignored is the assistance travel companies give disabled people and others with their baggage. Whether it is at train stations, coach stations or airports, this simple service gives freedom and independence to so many people. The demand for these services are growing, partly … Continue reading Helping people with their baggage