The right to spend money

I am not sure if many people realised the Disability Discrimination Act, a key component to the rights disabled people now have in the UK was enacted in 1995 under a Conservative government. And the civil aim of the act was to give disabled people the right to spend money and be consumers without facing … Continue reading The right to spend money

Disability, wetsuits and drysuits

Many readers may know I love doing all kinds of watersports, any activity that involves wearing a wetsuit or drysuit. However, the downside to watersports for many disabled people in getting into the wetsuit or drysuit.Over the years, I have tried and worn many types of wetsuits, especially as I own quite a few, and … Continue reading Disability, wetsuits and drysuits

Disabled people have become pawns

There was a time not so long ago when disability was a taboo subject which no one discussed. Now it has become a political hot potato as the welfare reforms has brought it centre stage. The big question is whether this is helping the lives of disabled people or just hindering them?Has disabled people just … Continue reading Disabled people have become pawns

The Badge of Oppression

I fear that in recent years it has become fashionable by some people to use disability as a badge of oppression as an excuse for their inappropriate behaviour or to demand special treatment, as opposed to true equality.The phrase "Is'it because I'm Black?" as been replaced with "But I am disabled" like it is an … Continue reading The Badge of Oppression

Who care about these petty arguments?

I get frustrated when I read about disabled people complaining loudly in the media about something quite pretty like an a misunderstanding around access requirements rather than directly dealing with the matter with  the organisations involved. I think it is first important to understand things are not perfect and that is so many cases, people do … Continue reading Who care about these petty arguments?

Do you want to be a failure?

We now seem live in an era where not only is failure regarded as a norm but I fear for some, it is a desirable state of being. We clearly have a section of society who regard success as something wrong since why the hell work or do something meaningful and hard when you can … Continue reading Do you want to be a failure?

They assume unemployability

I fear that when the media, especially the middle class media, talks about disabled people especially in terms of the welfare reforms, they assume disabled people are unemployable. I know I keep returning to this issue but until people get it, it is important to understand.I hate the pity which is trusted upon disabled people … Continue reading They assume unemployability