I feel I have a voice

One of the things that gets my frustrated and annoyed is when I read news or commentary articles online which I really find inaccurate and helpful to say the least. For example, right now, disabled people are only often written about in terms of welfare benefits when anyone who claims to be disabled in regarded … Continue reading I feel I have a voice

My disability identity is 100% solid

I regard my impairment and being disabled as two distinct identities. My impairment is cerebral palsy, which is a stable visible conditions which has a strong identity in its own right. I am proud to have cerebral palsy and I have very happy with who are am as someone who will always have cp.My disability … Continue reading My disability identity is 100% solid

Why should we get free cars?

Motability has been around for a generation and I feel it is now time to question whether the current scheme is fit for purchase for a 21st Century. Within the raising costs of petrol, the carbon footprint, accessible public transport and the fact many non-disabled people can no longer afford to run cars, it is … Continue reading Why should we get free cars?

Lazy independence

I am not quite what some people mean when they talk about independent living. They appear in be quite passive in their expectations of living independently, talking about their rights to make choices and have access to services, without any desire to actually do anything from their independence.For me, lazy independence is not enough anymore, … Continue reading Lazy independence

Choice and control as a right?

Choice and control is regarded as cornerstones to independent living and for the most part this is true. But to argue choice is just a right is incorrect and it is also a responsibility. There is no such thing as free choice because every choice as consequences people must take responsibility for or face the consequences of not … Continue reading Choice and control as a right?

The closure of the Independent Living Fund

As many readers will know, the government has formally and finally announced the closure of ILF and the transfer of its monies to local authorities. Many charities and activists are crying foul saying it is the end of independent living, saying users simply will be put in care homes without understanding the facts.The fact the … Continue reading The closure of the Independent Living Fund

Lets help the patronising

One group of people which has been forgotten in these hard times is the patronising. This awful incurable emotional disease is clearly on the rise and can affect adults from all backgrounds at any time without warning. Suffers feel uncontrollable urges to say things they should not, causing offence when none was intended while people … Continue reading Lets help the patronising

Moving away from compensation payments

I feel that to get closer to the true inclusion of disabled people within society as contributing citizens, we need to move away from the current arrangement of compensation based payments and replaced with more personalised outcome based needs led payments and/or services.By compensation payments, I am referring to DLA and its successor, PIP. The assessment is … Continue reading Moving away from compensation payments

The warehousing of the ‘severely’ disabled

Before Christmas I was reading a ridiculous article on the web about a family carer of an adult child who was complaining about the benefit cap and how as a carer, she were not exempt. What I however found more concerning was my many comments and the general rationale for why she should get my money.The basic … Continue reading The warehousing of the ‘severely’ disabled