A year of articles

As we are at the last day of the amazing year of 2012, we look back at the articles I have written every weekday (Monday to Friday) this day without exception, that is an incredible 260 articles. Each article specifically written to provoke debate and raise awareness of one or another issues from myself as … Continue reading A year of articles

Spastic Humour

The world is made up of cultures and sub-cultures, each with their own norms, expectations, language and humour, and therefore it is be argued people with Cerebral Palsy are no different in terms of having some form of culture.In this context, we can see the idea of Spastic humour, that is things which people with … Continue reading Spastic Humour

Old research to ignore the facts

I find it very interesting how many statements by user led charities and others are currently being made based on evidence and research which is out of date. I feel this is used to ignore the facts of where we are in the evolution of disability as a sociology.The charities are very selective in the … Continue reading Old research to ignore the facts

Greatest threat sinced Hitler?

The Black Triangle is a scottish based extremist disability anti-cuts group who has to gall to compare the welfare reforms with the actions of Hitler against disabled people, when hundreds of thousands of disabled people are killed and yet still forgotten.I feel it is an incredible insult to make the comparison and I would like … Continue reading Greatest threat sinced Hitler?