Is Labour good for disabled people?

-With the prospect of a Labour government in 2015 the big question to ask is whether or not it going to good for disabled people. I think it will good but not in the way many sick and disabled activists are assuming it is going to be.Labour is not going to undo the welfare reforms … Continue reading Is Labour good for disabled people?

Who really hates who?

The old social model movement of user led charities would like everyone to believe that hate crime towards disabled people is on the raise because of so-called all the negative publicity around the welfare reforms but the facts are not adding up and the evidence is not saying this, despite how the user led charities … Continue reading Who really hates who?

The Right to be Murdered?

Despite the recent death and suspected suicide of Tony Nicklinson, I am concerned and surprised to hear his widow is still pursuing an appeal to give a legal right for someone to be killed by their doctors. This immediately alerts me to the fact this will not the actions of a desperate me but a calculated ideology which … Continue reading The Right to be Murdered?

Reclaiming families from the Carers Movement

The concept of a carer is relevantly new one which was built upon the relationship between a husband or wife of someone with dementia, the society accepts the emotional divorce of the couple as the relationship changes to one of dependency. However, the term has spread like wildfire to mean anyone who has an unpaid relationship … Continue reading Reclaiming families from the Carers Movement

Shop by dribbling

I was very interested and pleased when I saw this here, a webpage from a disability shop showing by products suitable for 'dribbling', a baby kind as opposed to the football kind.For me, it demonstrates how much the sub-culture of disability or impairment I feel most comfortable to belong to as developed with pride over … Continue reading Shop by dribbling

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

While it is very true to say that Maths never lie, the problem with research generally is the questions being asked. Two pieces of research on exactly the same issue can bring very different results because they have asked the questions in very different results.To understand research, you must understand the context in which it … Continue reading Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Disability is far more acceptable

If maybe of those who claim to be disabled in 2012 in the country understand what it was like to be disabled in 1992, 1982 or 1972, maybe just maybe there is stop complaining how they never had it so bad, and realise how they never had it so good and maybe now too good.We live … Continue reading Disability is far more acceptable

Guardian’s Betrayal of real disabled people

I used to be a big fan of the Guardian as the one paper I would choose to read because of its focus on social issues. I have appeared in the Guardian, written for it and even starred on a advert on its front cover. But the change of government saw a change in direction … Continue reading Guardian’s Betrayal of real disabled people