Suicide over £45 a week?

Following on from my blog yestersday, I want to challenge an assumption the ATOC protestors make about people's reasons for wanting to committ suicide. When people are deemed fit for work, they do not lose all their benefits but they are taken ESA and returned to Jobseekers Allowance, where I believe the different is £45.Now … Continue reading Suicide over £45 a week?

Celebrating Suicide is sick

One thing I have found quite concerning about the recent ATOS protests and the language of those who are against ATOS. is the way they are using the suicide of claimants as a reason that justifies their actions and everything they say is wrong with ATOS. It is not exacting celebrating suicide but it is using … Continue reading Celebrating Suicide is sick

The war against real disabled people

I would like to argue that there is a war against real disabled people, not by ATOS or the government but by the the middle class liberal press and the not so real disabled people. I know this is not the right language because they is not a language for what I am saying but … Continue reading The war against real disabled people

Celebrate achievements, desire improvements

One thing which frustrates me is when people, especially disabled people, moan about inaccessible but do nothing about it. Often people find the smallest thing they can find and turn it into the biggest thing because they enjoy the drama on being negative as they enjoy spending their unhappiness to others.I believe it is firstly … Continue reading Celebrate achievements, desire improvements

Health has always been privatised (Cancer)

I would like to argue that parts of the health system in the UK has always been privatised, but not in the way people realise. I am not talking about BUPA and the other commercial private health providers, but the many charities which claim to act like health services.if we take cancer, if we take … Continue reading Health has always been privatised (Cancer)

If they were Asian (ATOS Protests)

In looking at the new dubbed 'ATOS Protests', we have seen how a minority of people claiming to be disabled have destroyed the pathway of inclusion for real disabled people by destroying a social model understand in preference for medical model pity simply for a bit of cold hard cash and the right to be … Continue reading If they were Asian (ATOS Protests)

Feeding Dependency

The big problem I have with disability charities, user-led charities and indeed protest groups in that they are dependent on the dependency of disabled people for their existence. By dependency I mean a state where someone sees themselves as a victim and unable to make decisions for themselves without the physical or emotional support of … Continue reading Feeding Dependency

Reclaiming the term ‘Spaz’

Spaz is slang for spastic and can be seen as a derogatory term in by major of cases but for some people with cerebral palsy, including myself, it can be a term to be reclaimed as a part of our identity.I often called me a proud spaz or the Proud Spaz because it embraces the freak … Continue reading Reclaiming the term ‘Spaz’