Wearing harnesses

Throughout my life I have needed to or maybe chosen to wear harnesses in transport throughout my life because of my posture and to maintain a comfortable position. Despite the fact I can walk I am not very good at maintaining my posture, and certainly not good at remain still when I am in a … Continue reading Wearing harnesses

Knowing how to employ

I have been a direct employer of personal assistants for 20 years. When I tell professionals this, I am surprised and amused when they ask some basic questions about my relationship with my staff like do I direct what they do or who do they really work for? It kinda suggests to me that while … Continue reading Knowing how to employ

Hate Crime or Free Speech?

In exploring further what some disabled people mean when they talk about hate crime, the recent issue that keeps coming up in their concern at how newspaper portray people who are claiming disability related benefits. They incite a few articles that they say talk about "benefit scum" although I have not read these articles. And … Continue reading Hate Crime or Free Speech?

Death by liberalism?

I used to consider myself a liberal until I realised it was a out of touch thinking which remains the luxury of the true middle class as I play chess and intellectualise the lives of others. Please understand that I do believe in many of the principals of liberalism like fairness and equal but in … Continue reading Death by liberalism?

Ideas not politics

I was talking to friend and colleague a few weeks ago about many of my political beliefs and I was remarking that I support some of what this government is doing but not others. He responded, as regular reader of this blog, that I focus of ideas rather than politics or specific grand ideologies.So rather … Continue reading Ideas not politics