Do you understand the models of disability?

Everyone now talks about the social model like its very common knowledge in terms of what it is and what it means, as well as its opposite, the medical model. But is this really the case? Do you really understand the models?I would argue in reality, while the social model is more well known than … Continue reading Do you understand the models of disability?

Did anyone ever understand civil rights?

Disabled people in the UK fought for civil rights in the 1990s and I would argue that is what I successfully got with the Disability Discrimination Act and now the Equality Act. But did anyone really understand what they were and what it meant for disabled people?Civil Rights is a marxist capitalist theory where it … Continue reading Did anyone ever understand civil rights?

Have we lost the social model?

In examining the current state of disability politics, I fear we have lost the social model as a new generation of so-called disability activists ignore their previous generation, assuming themselves to be the first. They are fighting for what can only be described as medical model pity.Whether it is welfare reforms, a hatred of Atos … Continue reading Have we lost the social model?

Supporting people through recovery

I feel one of the problems with how some disabled people are responding to the welfare reforms is that why we do not support people during the recovery period of an sudden onset of sickness and residual impairment. I should explain for those who may not know, as well as having cerebral palsy from birth, … Continue reading Supporting people through recovery

Not my fight (Fit for Work)

It must be acknowledge there is a fierce battle raging between 'disabled people' and the government in relation to disability related benefits. But on closer inspection, we can understand it is not disabled people in general who are fighting but a few specific group of people recovering from sickness or have minor impairments as the … Continue reading Not my fight (Fit for Work)

Can we really measure disability?

One of the biggest problem with current and indeed future disability related benefit is that it tries to measure disability, as oppose to impairment, and then try to put absolute lines between who is disabled and who is not disabled, where a fixed uncalculated amount of money is provided to those who cross the line … Continue reading Can we really measure disability?