Treat depression not assist suicide

It deeply concerns me at the way people who are disabled and want to commit suicide are treated quite differently to non-disabled people in the same position. From my own experiences I do understand it is normal to have times of feeling hopeless, where suicide seems a rational escape from a situation that appears impossible.But … Continue reading Treat depression not assist suicide

Why do charities hijack issues?

It is clear to me that in the last 10 years charities have used campaigning as a key part of their marketing of themselves as good doers. To do this, they must hijack issues which appears to affect the people they claim to help and portray themselves as the authoritative voice and hero in whatever issues they … Continue reading Why do charities hijack issues?

Supporting Carers and Users as Families

As the Care and Support white paper has finally been launched as a disjointed patchwork of half baked ideas and existing policies, one thing which concerns me is the potential impact of the fact carers will have entitlements to support in own right. While this is quite laudable, the problem for me is that it … Continue reading Supporting Carers and Users as Families

Feeling Ill as a lifestyle?

There is currently a group of active campaigners who define themselves as disabled and regarded themselves as opposed by the benefits system for failing to accept they are disabled as they fight with obsession against the welfare reforms. These people hide themselves in the social media where their true identity remains a mystery despite the … Continue reading Feeling Ill as a lifestyle?

Jumping Hoops is right

I know a lot of disabled people, especially those who are new to benefits system, complain how awful it is that they got to jump so many hoops to receive the benefits they believe they rightly deserve. They and the liberal middle class appear to believe it is outrageous they have to go a medical examination … Continue reading Jumping Hoops is right

A rich or poor caring future

With the government's white paper of social care expected to be launched on Wednesday, there is so much talk about the so-called funding gap and that older people especially should not be penalised for needing care. But even after 2 governments attempts at a solution, I feel some very basic questions have still not been … Continue reading A rich or poor caring future

Who defines an activist?

Like the job of blogging I discussed yestersday, the role of activist is a job many people use including being a disability (rights) activists. It is clear a title which people can define themselves but is this right. I seen people define myself as a disabled rights activity, which to me suggests they are disabled, … Continue reading Who defines an activist?