Bloggers are arrogant

A found it very interesting when a fellow blogger called my arrogant and this is what the point of being a blogger, any blogger? When I mean is a blog is a public statement of how one individual sees a specific issue with the hope they may not be the only person in the world … Continue reading Bloggers are arrogant

CP and Proud

I have cerebral palsy and I am proud to have cerebral palsy and it is as simply as that. For me, cerebral palsy is my impairment and has a larger significance in my identity than have being disabled because under the social model of disability, disability is external to who I am and may only … Continue reading CP and Proud

My contributions in the big fight

Every now and then I like to check who I am and what I have achieved in my life. It is very clear that in the last 40 years the life opportunities and experiences available to many disabled people has dramatically improved as this is our time to be liberated. Many of those 'disabled' people … Continue reading My contributions in the big fight

Whose dignity?

Within social care, dignity is seem as an important quality to strive for as someone desired by users. There is however a few things to consider here. The first is that if has made dignity an issue then people have made an assumption that social care is naturally indignant and therefore it highlights professionals and … Continue reading Whose dignity?

Ignorant, Discrimination and Hate Crime

After some recent events involving taxi drivers I am come up with a theory of, lets say oppression for the want of a better word, which explains three stages that it could be argued happens in the oppression of disabled people or anyone else when it relates to treating someone less favourably than what could … Continue reading Ignorant, Discrimination and Hate Crime