New Ways of Assessing Support

Everyone seems to be calling for a reform of the social care system but what they really mean in just put in more money a faulty system so those who profit from social care can profit even more. I personally do you believe it is about the amount of money is the problem but the … Continue reading New Ways of Assessing Support

Train vs Plane

Common sense says that going by plane is easier than going by train because it is quickly but this is not always the cash. When I have the time, stress becomes a deciding factor and there are specific long journeys where I prefer the train over plane.One such journey is from Coventry to Strasbourg, where … Continue reading Train vs Plane

A computing future

Computers has been a central part of my liberation as a contributing citizens and while I am not a geek, I am always keen to predict the future of computing, which is always a hard one. The tablet is already revolutionising the way we work with computers, making the mouse and keyboard obsolete. With cloud based computing, … Continue reading A computing future

Think Personal Act Local

I have not got this the wrong way round to describe the governmental organisation dealing with personalisation, "Think Local Act Personal" as I think they are the ones which have it the wrong way around. Personalisation as people claim it is being implied as failed, and it is time service users reclaimed the agenda everyone … Continue reading Think Personal Act Local

A National Transport Service

One of my big  ideas is a new coordinated integration inclusion and accessible national transport service called Connect. I know people may argue it already exists but I want to take it to the next step, making public transport in the UK the first choice for the majority of people.For me, accessible step-free transport is … Continue reading A National Transport Service

21st Century Community Centres

While I am sceptical about Big Society and Localism in the way this government is proposing to implement it, I do believe in Neighbourhood Councils which are demographic and accountable, as oppose to letting any charity take over the running of a neighbourhood. I also behind the a new style of community centres for the 21st … Continue reading 21st Century Community Centres

Looking after number one

In order to help others, it is important to firstly help yourself and therefore looking after number one is so important to being a positive people. However while people may believe being selfish is natural and easy thing to be, for some people it can be extremely hard and to be constructively selfish can take … Continue reading Looking after number one