A Rights and Responsibilities Act

I believe there should be a new 'rights and responsibilities' Act, a piece of law with informs everyone in detail what their civil rights are as well as their responsibilities and it would cover many issues like employment, housing, transport, education and much more.I believe it would be outcome based and worded so to explain … Continue reading A Rights and Responsibilities Act

Broken vs Spaz

Many disabled people, especially those with minor/hidden impairment, have a problem with the word 'Spaz', saying it is offensive and it is too early for people like myself to reclaim the term, as someone with cp. I find this interesting when these people refer to themselves as 'broken' or 'benefit scum' is a similar way.Language … Continue reading Broken vs Spaz

Special Report: Going Forward not Back

NB: This article was originally commissioned by Disability Rights UK although they have declined to publish it because they disagreed with my perspective on 'hate crime'. IntroductionIn the article I wish to explore the current state of disability as a socio-political issue, discuss why I believe user-led charities and informal disability organisations have taken the wrong approach to … Continue reading Special Report: Going Forward not Back

Corrupted Evidence

So many sweeping statements are made about what disabled people need and how discriminated they are by this or take policy based on every mounting so-called research and evidence. But when you really examine this evidence, it is weak and corrupted to suit the wishes of the 'campaigner' who motives are often money rather than … Continue reading Corrupted Evidence

Why be negeaive?

I have never understood why people need to be negative, especially disabled people. I am a critical person but I can always evidence my concerns with detailed explanation rather than inaccurate sweeping statements. These blogs may be simple and short, but they are written on solid foundations and a positive outlook on the world.I have … Continue reading Why be negeaive?

Education for all

I believe fundamentally that everyone should get a proper education. I am however sure many disabled children in special schools are not receiving the education they deserve especially as it is hard to prove whether the schools supports  academically and social weak adults or rather they  create them.My argument against special schools is it failed … Continue reading Education for all

Borderline Terrorism?

We have returned in a era where some disabled people are feeling the need to chain themselves to things is a form of unlawful protest. The last time disabled people did this was the early 90s when disabled people has no right not to be discriminated against and it was about moving away from being … Continue reading Borderline Terrorism?

A Cultural Minority (Learning Difficulties)

I would like to argue that society, government and social care services still treat people with learning difficulties as a single group in a way people with other impairments are not. It still seems perfectly acceptable for people with learning difficulties to live, work and play together as charities continue them to campaign for 'their … Continue reading A Cultural Minority (Learning Difficulties)

You can’t forget the money

From disabled person, charities and others, I hear a lot about of demands of what the government should do but they often miss one fact, which is how will it be paid for! The economy has changed forever and the 'good times' are never going to be the same, so we must adapt rather than … Continue reading You can’t forget the money

Defining Segregation

The Segregation of disabled people in a product on the industry revolution and 'enlightened science'. Over 100 years ago it was perceived in terms of social Darwinism, the priority was to keep the Human Race strong and ensure its survival was to remove the weak and 'sub-normals' from society to protect people from contamination. Therefore a generation … Continue reading Defining Segregation