Being a Know It All

I am going to put my hand up and confuse that I am indeed a Know-it-all, but I am in a way. The thing is it is not about what I know from memory, although I am pretty good at that, it is about the fact I am always been very good at using Google … Continue reading Being a Know It All

Bring Everything Together

In my daydreams, I am always ponding on how this government and society could be improved for the benefit on everyone but in a way that is cost effective. I get frustrated at what I see as the waist of money I see by the fact issues are dealt with separately rather than brought together to … Continue reading Bring Everything Together

Making Social Care Normal

I feel to solve the problem of an increase in the demand for social care because of the increase in people living longer, it is essential that social care is made into something that is normal. Right now, social care is something seen as just for 'the elderly', 'the disabled' and  'carers', and something people do not … Continue reading Making Social Care Normal

Trying to control my voice

As well as wanting to own my voice as my representative, user led charities and other disabled people have wanted to control  what I can and can not say, in the name of the movement as disabled people like being disabled meant you were an automatic member of an extremist cult whether you liked it or … Continue reading Trying to control my voice

Severely disabled again?

I remember being called severely disabled in the 80s and early 90s but not since them. One reason for this as been that the complexity of cerebral palsy in younger people has increased, due to better survival rates at birth, and so relevantly my impairment has began milder. So I am very interested to here … Continue reading Severely disabled again?

Why must disabled people think small?

When it comes of disabled people and enterprise, the current thinking seems to be big small. They are not encouraged to set up a business, with the desire of world domination, but rather social enterprises, which appears to be seem as "a good try" with very low expectations of succeed placed upon it.Social Enterprises are … Continue reading Why must disabled people think small?