Being a coconut

The way many disabled people appear to be hypersensitive to everything, putting anything bad in their lives down to discrimination and hate crime because they are disabled, reminds me of how many black people were in the early 90s in terms of racism. This therefore gives me hope things may improve as disabled people are more included … Continue reading Being a coconut

Life can just suck

In what has become this week's theme on the realities of life, today's message is that life can just suck, not because "I a disabled" and because of any other political label, but because it can simply suck. And the approach to life sucking should not be handled by signing a petition, writing to your … Continue reading Life can just suck

Hatred greed?

People may know that I am very sceptical about the existence of disability related hate crime in the way it is portrayed where disabled people should be frightened to walk the streets for fear of unspeakable harassment. There is bullying and I was bullied at school but to label it as hate crime is giving them credit where no … Continue reading Hatred greed?

Need or Greed?

In examining the never ending demanding of disability charities, user led or not, I must wonder if what they see as need is just now greed. For example, disabled people in London have a whole host of public transport benefits not available elsewhere and yet they want more and then add insult by declaring its awful. They … Continue reading Need or Greed?

Equality of Bad Experiences

Many people, especially disabled people, believe that rights related to an automatic good standard or quality of life when this is simply not the case nor can be the case. For myself, rights and equality is about having access to the same range of experiences as anyone and that means the good ones as well … Continue reading Equality of Bad Experiences