What do people really think? (about disabled people)

I would like to suggest for some people the change in government in 2010 was a relieve about that could put their 'New Labour' politically correct phrase book away and start feeling relaxed to stay what they are think. Almost overnight disabled people went from being seen as valued contributors of society which needed discriminatory barriers removing, … Continue reading What do people really think? (about disabled people)

Who pays for their demands?

In terms of the current government cuts, I worry that it is very easy to demand cuts are not made on a specific service or benefit but it is often without taking responsibility for the consequences of stopping the cuts since to save one group from cuts, logic dictates another group must suffer since the reality the money … Continue reading Who pays for their demands?

Second Class Assumptions

If you carefully examine much of the campaigning done in the name of disabled people you will find that much of it assumes disabled people are second class citizens and reinforces this. By this, I mean it is often generally portrayed that people with impairments are poor, unemployed and have low expectations.While in specific definitions … Continue reading Second Class Assumptions

Why is working so shameful for some?

We have to acknowledge there are sections of society where due to long term unemployment people feel it is stupid to work when you can claim off the state. This is not something I read about on the web or seen in a documentary but rather I seen first hand when I lived on a rough … Continue reading Why is working so shameful for some?

Why do organisations lie?

One thing which gets me extremely annoyed is when any kind of organisations lies especially when it relates to disability. My lying, I mean they can deliberate say someone which is untruth, or simply repeat a myth created by someone else, or just portray something as half empty when it is half full.A current falsehood … Continue reading Why do organisations lie?