A funding future (Independent Living Fund)

The Independent Living Fund was started in 1988 as a short term solution to the implementation of community care for people with high support needs. 24 years is it still going as strong as it can be, supporting 21000 users. While it has since 2010, before the last election, not taken on any new users, … Continue reading A funding future (Independent Living Fund)

A Wasted Opportunity (Independent Living)

When I hear the many greedy demands of people who claim to be disabled, they appear to be almost exactly the demands being made 10 years ago, 20 years ago and even 30 years ago. However Society has radically improved for disabled people in this time but the number of disabled people contribution to society … Continue reading A Wasted Opportunity (Independent Living)

Don’t be fooled (about the Government)

I would argue most people think what the government think and do in set in stone as proclamations made upon high no one can change. I have often been told that changing things in government is like trying to change the direction of an oil tanker, very hard instead.But with this government, while they like to … Continue reading Don’t be fooled (about the Government)

Has Cerebral Palsy been knocked off the agenda?

The politics of Disability has been a replication of Animal Farm, where some impairments are more equal than others. For years it was people with spinal injuries on top, but how those on top are often are disabled people that will not disclose their impairment and shout hate crime if anyone gets anywhere near finding … Continue reading Has Cerebral Palsy been knocked off the agenda?

Wasting money in our name

I have prided myself on knowing about the many organisations that exist in relation to disability both voluntary and commercial, and there are tens of thousands of them, many claiming to do exactly the same thing in isolation from other organisations, and many have been doing the same old thing, not moving forward, for as … Continue reading Wasting money in our name

Goodbye Newsprint

The paperless society has been printed since the 1990s but with the advent of Tablets, this is now really possible especially we are seeing a slow revolution in one of biggest users of paper, which is ofcourse newspapers. The Guardian has already committed itself to be 'digital first' when its digital editions will be seen … Continue reading Goodbye Newsprint

Disability and Sickness must not Unite!

The recent battles over welfare reforms have created a new movement of people who describe themselves as disabled people are I would argue actually long term sick or just impaired, and this has really muddied the waters on the term 'disabled people' as it is abused for everyone's benefits except maybe disabled people.While it is … Continue reading Disability and Sickness must not Unite!