How much money do we really need?

There is currently a lot of talk about poverty and almost a new report each day explaining one or another group of people will be worst off because on the government's response to the recession, portraying it like it is the crime of the century.I would argue that those who talk about poverty are often … Continue reading How much money do we really need?

Suicide is normal? (for disabled people)

I certainly hope not! I am unwilling to continue to accept that if  a disabled people wants to die, the reason is very clear, their condition. Even if their reason to seen as environment, it is usually assumed to be disability related and perfectly acceptable!I have even heard it been said that the welfare reforms … Continue reading Suicide is normal? (for disabled people)

Rewarding Conformity?

I wonder in the same way society punishes success, whether it also rewards conformity, especially in terms social care and within the context of personalisation. So much is now talked about choice and control but is that what they really mean?When a professional offers service user a so-called free choice in what they live, it … Continue reading Rewarding Conformity?

The end of Television

It is becoming clear to me that we are seeing the end of television as we have known it since the 1930s. By this, I mean this is that we will see the end of fixed 'linear' channels who will broadcast specific programmes at specific times of end day.I believe technological advantages and the increase … Continue reading The end of Television