Good to Hate?

It seems very fashionable to hate the British government right now and blame it for everything bad that happening under the government. It is certainly true this government has some terrible ideas and there have done themselves no favours in the way they have delivered their messages. David Cameron is not a great leader as he … Continue reading Good to Hate?

Understanding the bigger picture

Yesterday I was asked if, or maybe rather told, I was a Tory. I am sure maybe people would say I was but I believe it is not that simple if you really want to understand the bigger picture. Many policies have many advantages and disadvantages, with a whole range of stakeholders from many viewpoints … Continue reading Understanding the bigger picture

Potential cost of accepting a benefits culture

The recent battle between 'disabled people' and the government has been portrayed by the majority of the media as a battle of fairness and the rights of disabled people. I would like to argue that in reality that the attempts to stop the reform of DLA is a dark cloud that could potentially halt and … Continue reading Potential cost of accepting a benefits culture

Do disabled people hate themselves?

While this may be seen as quite a sweeping question, I feel it must now be asked. How can many disabled people not be seen as having issues with themselves when they are prepared to label themselves as "the broken of Britain". The old movement always expected a degree of self loathing of its members … Continue reading Do disabled people hate themselves?

Turning Charities into Businesses

I believe over the last 20 years or so, the role of organisations which consider themselves to be 'charities' has began quite muddles. Many of them as become simply service providers, often for local or national government, and the whole aim of 'Big Society' in to thrust the bulk of government services into the hands … Continue reading Turning Charities into Businesses