X, Y and Z is for…

Since this is the last official blog of the year, although I may blog while I am on holiday, and we have reached the end of this alphabetic series of blogs, I have combined X, Y and Z into one. X is for eXtra special and my life feels like it is currently full of a … Continue reading X, Y and Z is for…


S is for … Spaz

S is for Spaz and this is a term myself and other people with cerebral palsy have reclaimed and something used to describe ourselves in a light-hearted but powerful manner. I am particularly call myself in specific situations "Proud Spaz" as I believe it sums up how positively I feel about myself as an unique … Continue reading S is for … Spaz

O is for Outrageous

O is for Outrageous and I was asked by a friend to share a link with you about how psychoanalysts in France see Autism. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlowfu_the-wall-or-psychoanalysis-put-to-the-test-for-autism_newsThis is a very well made and informative documentary which I shall not explain in detail as the ideas it highlights do not warrant additional attention. It is however about psychoanalysts talk total nonsense and … Continue reading O is for Outrageous