Birmingham is regarded as the second capital of England and it is certainly a very different city to Birmingham. When I first started to visit the city in the 1990s, it was not very impressive at all. But then the Bullring was redeveloped into a flagship city centre shopping centre which was in envy of … Continue reading Birmingham

Graduates must seek employment

The employment potential, often called employability, for many disabled people has radically improved over the last 30 years with the computer, internet and many other technologies. This has equally applied to further and higher education, which is now practically more accessible than ever before.I would therefore like to argue that if someone who was is … Continue reading Graduates must seek employment

The Fun of Cerebral Palsy

I believe from what I see in the media and from people's reactions, that many people believe having cerebral palsy is something pretty devastating and something certainly undesirable. As someone who has this so-called terrible affliction, I think having cerebral palsy can be quite fun.I can not answer whether or not I would choose having cp if … Continue reading The Fun of Cerebral Palsy