Do we need still the BBC?

As a child the BBC was the voice of the nation to the nation. The TV License was not ideal but it gave us a window to the outside world in an era where media choice was minimal. It gave us quality entertainment, news and informative documentaries as well as much more.But times have changed … Continue reading Do we need still the BBC?

A Economic Mess

I have to be honest and say I do not really understand exactly how and why we have reached this position but it is clear to me that the economy in the UK and worldwide has reached a point of no return. By this I mean that while we have been in a recession in the … Continue reading A Economic Mess


The alphabet is a very useful tool and to make people remember by brands, I must sure each one begins with a different letter, making my own alphabet as shown below. Each logo links to more information on the brand. So here its goes;A is for B is forC is for D is for E is for G is … Continue reading My ABC