The Changing Way We Shop

I remember in my late teens and early 20s, spending most of my time shopping. Without internet shopping, it is a matter of spending hours searching the shops for that specific item you wanted, or waiting for it to be ordered in. If I could not get what I wanted I have the pain staking exercise … Continue reading The Changing Way We Shop

Information is Power

The concept that 'information is power' is not a new one but it is certainly a concept which is moved from one that disempowers people to one that empowers them.Just 20 years ago, before the internet, information was something that was a precious commodity where government and other organisations could control who knew what information. … Continue reading Information is Power

Is it fair to scare?

There has been an incredible amount of research from charity on the so-called effects of the changes in Disability Living Allowance as its becomes 'Personal Independence Payments'. Most of the research focuses of what specific individuals feel would be the negative effects of losing their benefits would be.I have 3 main concerns with this kind of research. The … Continue reading Is it fair to scare?

Raising Ambitions

People have always said that I am very determined but last week a friend reminded me that I was also very ambitious and that is what is unusual especially for someone who is considered 'disabled'. I believe everyone has the right to have ambitions and a responsibility to try to achieve them as much as they can. However, despite my positive attitude and approach … Continue reading Raising Ambitions